Trusted By 200,000 Athletes Worldwide


Trusted By 200,000 Athletes Worldwide

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April 26, 2022

Big League Edge’s facilities are now some of the most technologically advanced facilities in the country. Every rep taken in our Baseball Technology training programs provides instantaneous feedback towards analytics, metrics, and movement efficiency or deficiency.

This type of cutting edge approach mixes VPX coordinators with technologically enhanced player development. This healthy mix of solution and analytics based training increases the performance of our training.

Our technology systems are cutting edge in every way. From Rapsodo to X4, the data driven training lifestyle is here at Big League Edge.


Rhapsodo is one of the industry’s best, in terms of metrics and analytics quantification. Provides feedback with over 16 analytics measured per rep. Each X4 Lab features either a Rapsodo 2.0 Hitting or Pitching System. Add in the Ipad and 60 inch plasma TV, and athletes will have the ability to quantify every aspect of their game.

But it does not stop there, as each X4 Hitting Lab comes with a state-of-the-art E-pitch pitching machine that throws 12 different pitches into any location you choose. This provides a live-at bat in a real world training environment. 

Additionally, each X4 Hitting or Pitching Lab is retrofitted with Rapsodo's new Insight cameras - which take 2400 frames per second. This biomechanical motion capture is overlaid onto the analytics printout - giving an athlete the ability to see themselves and their analytics with every rep.


New in the Pacific Northwest, Big League Edge now offers Win Reality's Virtual Reality in a training lab environment. Each VR lab features a 60 inch plasma TV with the cutting edge Win Reality technology system. Hitters can train in 3 different modes - game, batting practice, or live situational hitting. 

VR training is the latest technology that is taking the baseball and softball industries by storm. Virtually every MLB team and hundreds of NCAA programs utilize VR technologies to improve upon pitch recognition, hitting approach, and more. The value VR offers to hitters is unparreled.

"We absolutely use it daily. It is one of the keys to our success and has improved our offensive performance considerably." Stated Ricky Lee of Texas Tech.


BLE offers two turfed infields, but now each infield is retrofitted with ground ball throwing machines, stop clocks, and cameras.

Fielders can enjoy a ground ball every 5 seconds, which are thrown from the machines to specific spots on each infield. Stop clocks are set to beat the home-to-first runtime, which takes defensive training into the analytics environment required to keep more runners off base.

Add in high speed cameras that capture the infielder's every move and you have a recipe for success.


New at BLE is the X4 Hitting Range that provides ball flight out to 200' with four hitters at a time. Now hitters can take a massive amount of reps and watch ball spin, flight trajectory, and receive the outdoor batting practice experience - indoors.


Each one of the six batting cages at BLE are retrofitted with stride length monitors, specialized hitting equipment, and more. A VPX Training Harness and KOTH Trainer is stationed in each cage - which provides instant feedback for ground force reaction, linear-to-rotational movement, and more.


Every athlete and team will be provided 24/7 access to BLE's brand new X4 Digital Training platform. This platform provides NCAA recruiting, masterclasses, resource portals and more. Now baseball and softball players can have a fully immersed training experience with VPX - right from their phones.

Included in the X4 Digital Platform are two marquee programs that are fully data driven. Velocity Pitching Max and Power Hitting Max are 16-week programs developed by VPX and provide athletes with the fully encompassing training experience - all from their phones.


Rapsodo Technologies has provided each player their own personal virtual locker that houses all the athlete's training sessions. Every analytic, metric, or motion capture session is instantly uploaded into the player's virtual locker for evaluations, analysis, and more. This provides an data driven training experience that quantifies the performance - right from the phone.

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