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MLB Player & World Series Champion Juan Soto

Representing The

United States In


Representing The United States In The LABC

USA-LABC baseball teams are formed from 40+ National Trials held all across the country. Thousands of baseball players attend these events annually - competing for a spot to represent their Nation in the LABC.




All teams represent the United States in the LABC, which is widely considered one of the best international baseball events for Youth & High School aged baseball players.

Most national team athletes are selected from a National Trial events. Additionally, a small portion are selected from scouting, recommendations, or video submissions off our website. Thousands attend USA-LABC National Trial events, providing an exceptional talent pool to draw from.

If you are interested in representing the United States in one of the biggest baseball events in the world, attend a National Trial or submit your video (see below for video submission details).

➟ 01 Athlete Requirements

Ages 9U - 18U Baseball Teams

>> May 1 age cutoff of competing year.

>> All positions considered. Team rosters vary between 12 players (younger teams) to 16-17 players (HS aged teams).

>> National Trial events are free. Show up 40min prior to finalize registration process. All athletes must pre-register for any National Trial via the website link (see below for schedule & links).

>> Teams compete in the 9-10U, 11-12U, 13U, 14U, 15-16U, & 18U age divisions of the LABC. 

➟ 01 Video Submissions

Submit Video To Be Considered

>> See above for athlete requirements.

>> If you cannot attend a USA-LABC National Trial, submit your video to be considered. Hitting or pitching ONLY. No fielding videos will be considered.

>> Videos in MP4 or MOV formats only. No more than 3min long.

>> Fill out form below & also email your video submission to In your email, include (1) player name, (2) email address, (3) phone contact, (4) age & DOB of athlete, & (5) positions played.

>> Once we receive your video submission, our national staff will review it. If interested, we will contact you directly within 72 hours.


USA-LABC National Trials are held all across the United States & attract thousands annually. This provides an extreme talent pool to form teams that have competed in the LABC every year since 2007. 

National Trials dates are released in September, with events starting in November. Players are selected immediately after a National Trial finishes & information is provided to their parents during this selection process.

➟ 01 What You Need To Know


>> Ages 9U - 18U teams. Age cutoff is May 1 of competing year.

>> All positions considered. Covers hitting, pitching, & fielding.

>> Athlete must pre-register with provided link (see below). Schedule & links are updated in September.

>> Roster spots are offered immediately after National Trial event is over. An informational parent meeting will be held during such time to discuss details. Parents of selected athletes are required to attend.

>> Show up 40min prior to event to get warmed up & check in.

➟ For 2024 Teams


Western WA - Big League Edge

>> Where:  Big League Edge. 22728 Russell Road, Kent, WA 98032.

>> When:  February 25, 2024. 6:30PM. Ages 9-18U.

Eastern WA

>> Dates, times, & location coming soon....

➟ For 2024 Teams


Orange County, CA

>> Dates, times, & location released soon.

Riverside, CA

>> Dates, times, & location released soon.

Los Angeles, CA - Hope Baseball Academy

>> Dates, times, & location released soon.

➟ For 2024 Teams


Diesel Sports Complex

>> When:  February 24

>> Where:  Diesel Sports Complex. 9043 Marshall Road, Cranberry Township, PA.

New Jersey - NJ Nationals

>> Dates, times, & location released soon.

Keystone State Sports

>> When:  February 25

>> Where:  Keystone State Sports. 662 Ditz Drive, Manheim, PA.

Perfect Practice

>> When:  January 27. 12:00PM. 9-18U.

>> Where:  130 Hiawatha Place, Syracuse, NY.

Connecticut Region - Coming Soon

>> Dates, times, & location released soon.

➟ For 2024 Teams


Virginia - USA Prime Baseball

>> Dates, times, & location released soon.

➟ For 2024 Teams


RTG Baseball

>> When:  March 4.

San Antonio, TX

>> Dates, times, & location released soon.

Dallas, TX

>> Dates, times, & location released soon.

➟ For 2024 Teams


Iowa - Prospect United Iowa

>> Where:  12614 Nightengale Lane, Dubuque, IA.

>> When:  January 22. 9-13U (5PM), 14-18U (7PM).

Ohio - Pauer Performance Sports

>> Where:  2852 Wilmington Pike, Dayton, OH.

>> When:  January 16. 9-13U (6PM).

Illinois - Windy City Baseball

>> Where:  Parkway Dome. 34 Jennie Finch Way, Rosemont, IL.

>> When:  January 21. 9-13U (12PM), 14-18U (2:30PM).

Illinois - K's Training Academy

>> Where:  1707 East Hamilton Road, Suite 1B, Bloomington, IL.

>> When:  January 19. 6:00PM (9-18U).

Ohio - Premier Ohio Baseball Academy

>> Where:  5460 Wegman Road, Valley City, OH.

>> When: January 14. 9-13U (12PM), 14-18U (3PM).

Ohio - Summit City Sluggers

>> Where:  5730 Bluffton Road, Fort Wayne, IN.

>> When:  January 18. 6PM (9-18U).

Illinois - All Aspects Baseball

>> Where:  362 East Sauk Trail, South Chicago Heights, IL.

>> When:  January 20. 1-3PM (9-18U).

Illinois - Rhino Baseball

>> Where:  301 Gregory Court, Shorewood, IL.

>> When:  March 10. 10AM (9-18U).

Illinois - Midwest Sports Training

>> Where:  1187 West Hawthorne Lane, West Chicago, IL.

>> When:  January 17. 5:00PM (9-18U). 6:45PM (only for 9-18U Illinois Premier West Players).

Illinois - Top Pick Athletics

>> Where:  769 Heartland Drive, Unit J, Sugar Grove, IL

>> When:  January 20. 5:00PM (9-18U).

Indiana- The Strikezone

>> Where:  15475 Endeavor Drive, Noblesville, IN.

>> When:  January 15. 6PM (9-18U).

Missouri - All Star Performance

>> Where:  1000 Camera Avenue, St. Louis, MO.

>> When:  March 9. 8:00AM (9-13U), 10:30AM (14-18U).

Missouri - The Dugout

>> Where:  4466 S. Noland Road, Independence, MO.

>> When:  Feb 10. 12PM (9-13U), 2:30PM (14-18U).

Missouri - EKC Baseball

>> Where:  1501 NW Broadway Street, Grain Valley, MO.

>> When:  Feb 9. 5PM (9-13U), 7PM (14-18U).

➟ For 2024 Teams


Colorado - Diamond Club Baseball

>> Where:  Diamond Club Baseball. 11425 W. I-70 Frontage Road North, Wheat Ridge, CO.

>> When:  January 6. 9-13U (6PM), 14-18U (4PM).

Colorado - Premier Baseball West

>> Where:  1280 E. 58th Ave, Denver, CO.

>> When:  January 5. 9-18U (6PM).

Colorado - CageRat Baseball

>> Where:  2660 Vickers Drive, Colorado Springs, CO.

>> When:  January 7. 9-13U (11AM), 14-18U (1:30PM).

Wyoming - National Trial Event

>> Where:  5485 Riverview Road, Riverton, WY.

>> When:  January 13. 9-10U (10AM), 11-12U (11:15AM), 13-14U (1PM), 15-16U (2:15PM), 17-18U (3:30PM).


USA-LABC Baseball has held the sole United States bid into the LABC, which is arguably the best baseball event for Youth & High School aged baseball players in the world. Annually attracting national teams from all across Latin America, the LABC has been held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for over 30 years.

Some of the biggest MLB superstars in modern history have played in the LABC, including Soto, Beltre, Rodriguez, & many others. For the United States, the alumni list spans MLB to Division 1 College Baseball.

➟ 01 Competition


>> Held for the past 30+ years in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

>> No win-your-way-in, at large bids, or recommendation bids. Strictly national teams whom represent their country.

>> Nations whom have competed include Dominican Republic, Canada, United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Venezuela, British Virgin Islands, Curacao, & Panama.

>> Games played in & around Santo Domingo, DR. Venues include the World Baseball Classic stadium, MLB fields of the White Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles, & Mets, Banco Centrale, & many others.

>> 4 seeding games followed by Medal Rounds. International Rules.

➟ 02 Travel

Trip & Travel Details

>> All trip bookings handled by Big League Edge. Athletes & travelers are required to book their own air travel.

>> Over 350+ athletes, parents, & staffing make up the USA Delegation that travels to the LABC each year.

>> All-inclusive hotel accommodations provided by the beachfront resort Emotions in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic. 

➟ 03 Itinerary

2024 LABC Itinerary*

>> July 31:  Arrive into Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

>> Aug 1:  On-field practice & LABC Opening Ceremonies.

>> Aug 2:  LABC Qualifier Games.

>> Aug 3:  2nd round of LABC Qualifier Games.

>> Aug 4:  LABC Playoffs & Closing Ceremonies.

>> Aug 5:  Day off, tours, & USA Awards Banquet.

>> Aug 6:  Return back to United States.

*Subject to change



The USA-LABC is a national baseball organization that fields 9U - 18U baseball teams formed from 40+ National Trials held across the United States annually. Thousands of athletes attend National Trials in hopes of making one of our teams - which represent the United States of America in the LABC.


➟ Ages 8-18U:

>> Players are rostered from 40+ National Trials held across the United States annually. Schedule is listed above and updated weekly.

>> Ages 8U - 18U eligible. Age cutoff is June 1.

>> If player cannot attend a National Trial, fill out Prospect Inquiry Form (left) and email a video to