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May 2022

The LABC has been held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for the past 30 years, and is arguably the most prestigious youth and high school baseball event in the world. There are no at-large bids, no "win-your-way-in" opportunities, or "buy-your-way-in" chances. Strictly national representation with one bid afforded the United States.

Big League Edge Performance Baseball and Softball has held the sole United States bid for fifteen years and continues to build the LABC teams through a national network of top level baseball authorities.

"Our national staff and organizational support is over sixty strong. From the national travel baseball programs to the baseball training facilities and their coaches, we have the Nation covered. It takes us a full year to fill our rosters because we are extremely selective in our process."  Stated USA-LABC coach Brian Fisher.

USA-LABC teams are formed from over thirty national trials held across the United States annually. Thousands attend these events for the chance to play for USA-LABC Baseball and represent their Nation.

"We see a lot of talent, but finding talent that can compete at our level of the game is extremely hard. It takes velocity and power, but it also takes a higher level of competitive drive to be able to execute in one of the World's best events."  Stated USA-LABC coach Danny Fornaro.

Nations that have competed in the LABC include Dominican Republic, St. Croix, United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Cuba, Venezuela, and many other Latin American countries. The likes of MLB superstars Juan Soto, Beltre, and Fernandez have played in the LABC as young baseball players. For the United States, the alumni list spans MLB to Power5 NCAA baseball programs.

For over a decade, the USA delegation that travels to the LABC each year has numbered 350 - 400 travelers. Athletes, staffing, parents, family, and many others make the trip to the Dominican Republic to watch the United States compete.

"We had the best time we have ever had playing baseball in the LABC. It was magical. Our son grew so much and we got to watch him win Gold. Life changing indeed!"  Stated 2019 USA Parent Marcy Palmer.

The USA Delegation stays at the Emotions Resort, which is located on the beach of the Caribbean. This all-inclusive resort is a perfect setting for travelers, staffing, and athletes.

"Every day is nothing short of beauty. To mix a Caribbean vacation with world class baseball is something special. We had the times of our lives watching our son play in the LABC. It is something we still talk about all the time."  Stated 2017 USA Parent Don Bargonois.

International baseball rules are what drive the LABC tournament, which are slightly different than tournament rules in the United States. Age divisional brackets for 9-10U, 11-12U, 13U, 14U, 15-16U, and 18U exist annually, with the age cutoff of June 1 of the competing year.

Seeding, Semis, and Finals round out the schedule, with usually between 8-12 teams per age division. Each year brings new countries, with a heavy representation from the Dominican Republic.

"There are national teams and also academy teams that sign players from all across the Latin American region. These teams are designed to get their athletes signed by Major League Baseball, and from past experiences, they usually are the best competition we face."  Stated USA-LABC National Director Jim Parque.

Although winning Gold is the goal, the humanitarian side of giving is a big part of the LABC experience. Athletes and their families experience the beauty of the Dominican and its people, but are also exposed to the harsh realities of a 3rd world nation.

"We see things that will make you tear up every single year. But it is life changing and brings out the good in people. These days, it seems the world needs more of this."  Stated USA-LABC coach Rainel Caranto. 

The 2022 LABC will see over 300 people arriving into Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on August 3, hoping to win Gold. 

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The USA-LABC is a national baseball organization that fields 9U - 18U baseball teams formed from 40+ National Trials held across the United States annually. Thousands of athletes attend National Trials in hopes of making one of our teams - which represent the United States of America in the LABC.


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