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May 2022

Arriving this September 2022, Big League Edge Performance Baseball & Softball will open up its brand new 42,000 square foot data driven training complex. 

This new training facility will feature the game's best in analytics, metrics, & technology, and will provide more than just nets & turf. Over a quarter of a million dollars is being invested into the buildout of this BLE's new training facility - giving teams and athletes the opportunity to quantify & analyze every rep they take.

"Our old facility provided a lot to our athletes and teams, but technology driven training is the next generation in baseball and softball performance. Here at Big League Edge, we strive to be cutting edge in everything we do." Stated former MLB player and BLE Founder Jim Parque.

Renovations for the new facility will start in June and will be located at the same building BLE's current facility is located. 

"Our vision has always been to provide athletes and teams with the ability to do more than their competition. Our new training facility is focused upon this vision that has been the cornerstone to BLE's success over the past decade and a half." Stated PLU Associate Head Baseball Coach and BLE Director of Marketing Sean Taunt.

BLE's new facility will feature X4 Hitting Labs, X4 Pitching Labs, X4 Fielding Labs, WR Virtual Reality Hitting Labs, and more. A major upgrade to strength, speed, agility, and mobility is in the plans as well.

➟ X4 Hitting Labs: Baseball & Softball

Each X4 Hitting Lab will provide 20 different hitting analytics and metrics points,12 different biomechanical points per swing, & provide instant data metrics overlays onto a 60inch plasma TV (located in each hitting lab). 

Each lab will feature a pitching machine that can throw any pitch to any location, creating a real world hitter-vs-pitcher training experience. And all data is instantly uploaded into the player's virtual locker for assessment, evaluation, and review.

"What more can you ask for is my question. Now you will see yourself in slow motion, get the analytics behind each swing, and have it uploaded for your personal review - while you face live pitching from a state-of-the-art pitching machine."  Stated VPX Coordinator Kyle Long.

One of the best features of each X4 Hitting Lab are the game, situational, home run derby, and batting practice modes. Hitters can switch instantly between any of the training modes to improve their training experience.

➟ X4 Pitching Labs: Baseball & Softball

Each X4 Pitching Lab will provide 12 different pitching analytics and metrics points,12 different biomechanical points per pitch, & provide instant data metrics overlays onto a 60inch plasma TV (located in each pitching lab). 

Each lab measures a full 70' in length to provide pitchers with the opportunity to throw to catchers. Some of the analytics that are captured include velocity, spin rate, pitch movement ratios, command ratings, and more.

"We know that pitching is what wins ballgames, and the mound game is highly dependent upon velocity and command. Our new X4 Pitching Labs provide cutting edge pitching technologies that will flat out get any pitcher better."  Stated Parque.

➟ X4 Virtual Reality Labs: Baseball & Softball

Each X4 Virtual Reality Lab features the cutting edge Win Reality Virtual Reality technologies and a 60inch plasma TV that allows coaches to directly train their athletes (whom are using the VR).

Virtual reality is widely utilized across Major League Baseball and the NCAA baseball and softball levels. It provides a real world training experience that is second to none.

"There is no better way to train pitch recognition, face live pitching, and hone your offensive game than in a virtual reality lab. If almost every MLB team and the biggest NCAA programs in the country are making VR a big piece to their performance, BLE will too."  Stated Taunt.

Hitters can face live pitching in a virtual reality setting that provides various training modes. The idea behind VR is to give hitters a training experience that improves their pitch recognition, strike zone knowledge, and timing into pitches.

"If you think about it, young hitters only face pitchers in games. This equates to a few at bats per week, but are expected to know the zone, only swing at strikes, be on time, and more. How can anyone truly develop with only a few at bats per week? They cannot until now, as virtual reality has revolutionized the game and filled this void."  Stated Parque.

➟ X4 Strength, Speed, & Mobility Gym

BLE's new facility will see a massive upgrade to its strength gym and introduce a brand new mobility center. The new gym will increase to 7,000 square feet and is designed as a circuit training based gym that will feature 24 different baseball and softball specific strength stations.

Upgrades will include state-of-the-art resistance trainers, speed training equipment, expanded free weights, & plyometrics equipment. Olympic and lower half training stations will round out the expansion.

"Here at BLE, we understand that the game only gets quicker, stronger, and faster. The body is an athlete's greatest asset and we want to help them build that baseball or softball specific body. Not only is our gym getting revamped, but our VPX Strength staff is getting expanded."  Stated Parque.

The new mobility center will feature arm care stations, shoulder and scapula stations, and flex and mobility equipment designed to improve hip-to-shoulder separation.

"Most training completely ignores the body's ability to support the energy loads required to move the ball at higher velocities. Whether you are trying to hit the ball further or throw it harder, hip-to-shoulder separation must support the performance goals. This is why we are building out a new mobility center."  Stated Long.

➟ X4 Hitting & Fielding Upgrades

The new facility will get massive upgrades in hitting and fielding resources. Infield turf is going to see new infill silica sand and crumb rubber. New stationary ground ball throwing machines will be built - giving fielders a ground ball rep every 5 seconds from automatic ball feeders.

"We have the ability to get a ton of reps, but do it right. One of our favorite upgrades is our new fielding technologies that record an athlete fielding, provide a fielding POP time, and gives them instant feedback on how they move and throw across the diamond."  Stated VPX Coordinator Austin Gromly.

A brand new hitting range will provide up to six hitters (at a time) with live machine thrown pitches and will feature hitting distances out to 200 feet. New hitting stations, screens, targets, and state-of-the-art lower half hitting equipment will be housed in six different batting cages.

"We are looking past a hitting mechanic or verbal directive from a coach. In doing so, we are implementing movement enhancement training equipment for hitters that is not found anywhere else in the Nation. The training experience for hitters is exceptional at our new facility."  Stated VPX Coordinator Quientin Poil.

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Play for the Top 100 nationally ranked baseball organization Prospect United. Powered by Under Armour, Prospect U has 3 level specific baseball teams per age (8U - 18U) that provide the right fit for any skill level. Some of the best teams in the PNW call themselves Prospect U!

Play for the Top 100 nationally ranked baseball organization Prospect United. Powered by Under Armour, Prospect U has 3 level specific baseball teams per age (8U - 18U) that provide the right fit for any skill level. Some of the best teams in the PNW call themselves Prospect U!




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